Publisher’s Comment 12-16-2021

Dean Sullivan

by Dean Sullivan, publisher


A Heartfelt Thank You.

As I ponder over this past year, I think about how grateful I truly am. They say, when you do what you love, you’ll never have to work again. As the person who is the most visible person out there with the paper, I am just a small piece of a very wonderful puzzle.

If you are one of our loyal readers and enjoy what we do, please thank an advertiser. Without them, this newspaper would not exist. It is their support that allows us to put the paper out. There are some advertisers who have supported this endeavor for over 32 years. They are the ones who support this publication that we put out for you to read. To all you who do run ads in the newspaper, I truly want to thank you, and again, if you are reading this, please take the time to thank them too.

I also want to thank everyone who contributes to the newspaper. Theresa-Marie Wilson, AKA “T” (who I call my favorite consonant) is the backbone to the editorial part of the paper. T has been a friend to my wife since they were in elementary school and a friend of mine for more than 22 years. She works very hard bringing all the articles, writers, and other content together to keep us informed about our area. As a writer, she also finds the stories that share the good work people do in our community. Her devotion to this publication is greatly appreciated and everyone I know, loves and respects her. Can you say “Awesome Sauce”?

Neil Farrell is another very big part of this newspaper. He’s the man who can write 15 inches of copy on what he had for breakfast and keep you reading and wanting more. Neil is a true newspaperman with a resume that speaks for itself. He takes the complex issues of our cities and the people who run it and delivers that information so we can all understand and keep up to date.

We also are lucky to have very talented columnists and writers who fill this publication with their take on people and events including Judy Salamacha, Jill Turnbow, The Bookself Writers and of course, my 96-year-old mother, Joan Sullivan, with her art, history and other fun writing. When I started The Bay News in 1989, the joke was that she was the only one who could type and spell. When I started the paper back up three years ago, she asked, “What would I write about?” and I replied, “Anything you want.”

That brings me to my best friend, my true partner, my wife Shari. Without her, I would not be able to do half as many things as I have. Smart, talented and hardworking, Shari is an artist, writer, computer genius and so much more. When I found out there was an opening to start the Estero Bay News, as I walked back and forth thinking, I looked up and she simply said, “You know you’re going to start it again, just do it.”

Shari supports me, the paper, her friends, kids and anyone else who is in need. We have three kids who are just wonderful people who I thank Shari for helping raise and support. That in itself is big, especially nowadays. I hear people complain about today’s youth, I just sit back and think, not my kids.

With that note, I have to take a moment and again be thankful for how truly blessed I am for everything I have in my life. A loving family, great friends, an absolutely beautiful place to live and a business that is well loved and respected, due to those I mentioned above.

Please take a minute, look around and give thanks for what is in your life. It’s never perfect, but focusing on the good things is good for the soul. My wife always reminds me that, “perfection insults the Gods.”

We will take two weeks off for the holidays, but we look forward to seeing you and writing about you next year.

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