New Coffee Saloon Opens

Written by Neil Farrell

Neil has been a journalist covering the Estero Bay Area for over 27 years. He’s won numerous journalism awards in several different categories over his career.

May 9, 2020

One of Morro Bay’s quaint little neighborhood watering holes is seeing new life with an expanded menu of offerings.

Dark Nectar Coffee Saloon had a soft opening May 1 offering gourmet coffees, pastries, typical bar foods, fine wines and lots of beers on tap.

Jeff Bertoni and Joe Hanby are partners in the new business in what is one of Morro Bay’s older establishments, formerly home of the Moose Jaw, Ruby’s Saloon, The Oar House, and most recently, The Buoy Tavern

“I used to come here as a customer,” said Bertoni.

The property’s owners did some major improvements, Bertoni said, including new bathrooms, new plumbing, new floor joists, a new roof and a handicapped accessible wheelchair ramp in the bar’s outdoor patio.

They kept the customized, curved bar, adding beer taps and an espresso machine.

Bertoni said they put new wood flooring in the saloon, repainted, and installed new linoleum, too. The interior no longer has the decorations of the old Buoy and while they have tables and chairs, they aren’t set up right now during the coronavirus shutdowns. They can do takeout service and eventually the interior will have seating and well as the outdoor patio. Oh, and the giant buoy out back is still there too.

Bertoni is hoping the community will welcome their new business as it has the other iterations at the North Morro Bay location.

“When it was the Buoy,” he said, “it was a local’s hangout.” So far he said they’ve gotten a lot of support from the community, which has been abuzz with anticipation for a spot in North Morro Bay where they can get a latte and espresso.

Dark Nectar Coffee Saloon is located at 2490 N. Main St., at the intersection of Main and San Jacinto. It’s open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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