Jodie Setran June 2021

Written by Estero Bay News

December 16, 2021

Long-time and intermittent resident of Los Osos, Jodie L. Setran passed away on June 15, 2021, at the age of 63 years. Jodie leaves behind her brothers, Dominic, Aaron and Laine, their children and spouses, and her soulmate Chris Ghostdog, whom she loved very much.

Jodie was born and raised in Southern California, attending Rosary Catholic High School in Fullerton, graduating in 1976. Following high school Jodie primarily worked outdoor jobs for the likes of the National Park Service, California State Parks, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Alaska), and the US Forest Service on a hotshot crew fighting fire. Jodie loved the outdoors, and spent many a summer backpacking in the Sierras with her friends and family. 

Jodie was a complicated person, but there was a fun, playful, and loving side to her, which could often predominate her personality. For those that knew her well, she was always “upbeat” and loved to laugh. She was very proud of her Native American heritage (Wiyot Tribe of Northern California), loved her nieces and nephews, and adored her animals, Jack and Buddy.

Jodie claimed to be a spiritual medium and psychic and believed strongly in her abilities and encounters with matters not easily explained. Those that knew Jodie cannot readily dismiss her unique talents, as throughout her life she experienced numerous strange encounters and events, which often defied logical explanation.

Ever since Jodie was a little girl, the most important person in her life was her father, Arnie Setran. She loved her father more than anything in her life, and the day Arnie passed away Jodie went into the hospital for a blood clot, passing three days later. The timing of Jodie’s passing is, for lack of a better word, apropos; Jodie is with her dad.

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