Offshore Energy Questions Need Answers

How much energy would be produced by the offshore wind energy plant proposed for the Central Coast? And how can we put that into terms the average resident can understand?

Several recent news reports have said the installation would produce about 3-gigawatts of energy. Period. Full stop.

Is that 3-gigawatts per hour, per day, per year . . . or from now until the end of time? And how great a contribution would that be to our total energy supply? 

During The Tribune’s recent panel discussion on wind energy (as reported in The Tribune’s Nov. 27 issue), the question was asked: “We hear that this project will produce nearly 3-gigawatts of electricity. What does that mean for our electricity grid and powering our homes?”

California Energy Commissioner Karen Douglas responded, “Three-gigawatts is a large amount of electricity.”

Well, that really answers the question, now, doesn’t it?

According to the state Energy Commission, San Luis Obispo County uses more than 1700-gigawatts of electricity per year. If this offshore plant is only going to produce 3- gigawatts per year, is it really worth the trouble?

It’s time for us to demand some clear, detailed, specific answers.

Jayne Scott
Morro Bay

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